comp.sys.mac.programmer.codewarrior FAQ

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Last updated 11/01/97 (a UK date)

NB This is only a draft version!

First a disclaimer:

Further/Parallel reading:

"I get an error message during linking that 'some_function' referenced from 'some_other_function' is undefined, but I've included every header I can think of. What can I do?"

"I've found I need to include the ANSI C library in my project, but when I look for the library I find loads of different ones. Which do I want?"

"When I step through my code in the debugger, some variables seem to change at random. What's going on?"

"When I try to link my project I get these error messages:

Is it English? Is it even American? What does it mean?"

"How do I concatenate two pascal strings in C/C++?"

"I'm new to the newsgroup. How do I know what's being discussed at the moment? What should I do if I need a question answering?"

"When I try to debug a project, I hit MacsBug almost instantly. I have a 68K Mac. Help!?"

"How do I access the QuickDraw globals from my XCMD/MDEF/CDEF/code resource?"

"Metrowerks C++ gives me this warning:

What's it barking on about?"

"Is there any way to define macro symbols globally? I miss the -d switch from MPW."

"I'm porting an application from 68K to PPC and have found that CountAppFiles, GetAppFiles,ClrAppFiles, and GetAppParms have vanished! Where've they gone?"

"I'm porting an application from 68K to PPC and get error messages like:

"Can anyone send me their old copy of CW9 now that they've got CW10?"

"What's the difference between CW Academic Pro & CW Gold?"

"What's this I hear about a major bug in the 68K CFM Enabler?"

"I have a ............ with ... megs of RAM and ... megs of hard disk space. Will CodeWarrior run on my system?"